Dufferin Heights Golf Club is named after Lord Dufferin, the third Governor-General of Canada and who was of Scottish descent. When Lord Dufferin visited the area, he declared the view to be the most spectacular he had ever seen. Located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, at an altitude of 457 meters, the club is central to a panorama that extends between 40 to 65 kilometers in all directions featuring the Green and White Mountains of New England to the South, and all the way to the northern horizon, the Province of Quebec.

The Dufferin Heights property belonged to David Morrill, a farmer from New England who settled in Stanstead in 1803. At the peak covering four acres you will find memorials of two world wars and an observation post indicating nearby landmarks. This is an ideal place to view and appreciate the landscape.

Originally a nine-hole course, the construction to make a 18-hole course began in the Fall of 1990 under the direction of Graham Cooke & Associates, the renowned golf course designers. Thanks to the efforts of golf course staff and many members who volunteered their time, one of the most majestic and scenic golf courses opened on August 6, 1994. This land remains a tribute to the efforts and on-going maintenance by all the members and staff from its inception, for the benefit of current golfers and future generations.

Come enjoy our golf club and its breathtaking landscape.

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